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What Value does the Consortium bring?

There are a dozen ways the Consortium brings value to its members: Effective Referral-based Business Development Building Relationships A way to get through gatekeepers (a Trojan Horse) Social and...

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Trojan Horse

The Consortium works as a Trojan Horse to very comfortably get you through gatekeepers by offering a gift to a person you want to meet. Here’s how it works....

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What’s our ‘Why’?

We build deep relationships among a damn interesting group of business-savvy people with great stories, creative ideas & events where doing business together is the cherry on top. We’re...

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Why have an interesting one-on-one?

Clients hire professional service company from a referral because a referral conveys the trust needed to be involved in a business’s most valuable asset, information. If you are in...

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6 Tough Questions to gain Business Development Mastery

Six questions to answer to communicate your value to the market.

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