Month: April 2019

What Value does the Consortium bring?

There are a dozen ways the Consortium brings value to its members: Effective Referral-based Business Development Building Relationships A way to get through gatekeepers (a Trojan Horse) Social and Entertainment Interesting Activities and Events Deal flow Learning Peer advice and  sounding board (Mastermind) Sharing New Ideas Meeting Damn Interesting People Directory Slack channel to share …

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Why have an interesting one-on-one?

Clients hire professional service company from a referral because a referral conveys the trust needed to be involved in a business’s most valuable asset, information. If you are in the professional services business, new business depends on strong relationships with your trusted referral partners.  Strong relationships take time to develop the trust to know each …

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As our world and our communities battle COVID-19, Consortium Partners recognizes that even though we cannot be together, we still support our partners's business with ongoing value via virtual meetings.

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