6 Tough Questions to gain Business Development Mastery

1. What business are you in?

  • What makes you unique (to your customer)?
  • How does the customer benefit from your unique value prop?
  • What is the weakness in their system can you fix?
  • How do you close the gap in their system?

2. What’s your “Why”?

This Question comes from Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”

  • Until you know your purpose, you won’t be able to differentiate yourself with your customer.
  • What is your purpose?
  • What gets you going in the morning?
  • What value is your “Why” to your customer?
  • How does your “Why” show up to your customer?
  • How do you communicate your value to the customer?

3. What problems (pains) do you solve?

All customers buy to solve a pain. What pain do you fix?

4. What stories best tell what problems you solve?

People understand stories best. Keep your story short. 2 minutes is ideal. Use this pattern to tell your story:

  1. Pain: What problem did your customer have?
  2. Solution (one sentence). Don’t explain how you solve the problem. Your audience trusts you know how to solve the problem.
  3. Value: What return on investment did your customer get?

5. Who is your target customer/market?

  • What makes your customer different so that you can target the attributes of your ideal customer?
  • What makes them the same so you can target a market?

6. How do you reach our target market?

  • What media, forms of communication, groups, and relationships get to your target customers and what methods do you need to practice to reach them?

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