Frequently Asked Questions

How is Consortium Partners different from other networking groups?

Consortium Partners, brings together like-minded business professionals from the same industry to meet socially, have fun and build trust. We get better results because we understand each other compared to other referral partners outside of the technology sector.

This different approach is the vision of our founder, Corey Prator, a 30-year veteran of information technology and business.

How many members are in Consortium Partners?

We currently have 50 active members across three chapters – Houston, Los Angeles and Seattle – and we have plans to grow in other cities.

What if I don't see a Consortium Partners chapter in my city?

If you would like to see a Consortium Partners chapter in your city or would like to create one,  click here:

  • I would like to see a Consortium Partner chapter in my city.
  • I would like to create a Consortium Partners chapter in my city.
  • I am a Super Connector and I’m interested in knowing more about Consortium Partners.

What is involved in the selection process?

First, you will fill out a brief application here. Then, you will be contacted by a member of our team to discuss next steps.

What benefits are included in my membership?

These are our current member benefits, with new value being added continually.

  1. Invitation to attend your ‘damn interesting’ local chapter meeting every month. Attending the meetings is the best way to form connections and better your business.
  2. Routine access to your colleagues on a scheduled basis that wouldn’t normally be available because of your busy schedule.
  3. Open invitation to attend other chapter meetings outside of your chapter city.
  4. Monthly invitation to participate in the all-chapters Zoom Virtual Happy Hours to connect with members outside of your area.
  5. Invitation to attend the Annual Business Planning Peer Review to take your business plan to the next level.
  6. Partner support and facilitation of member introductions, meetings and activities.
  7. Listing and login to access the members-only Member Directory.
  8. Ability to publish content on the directory about your business and how you help your clients solve their problems.
  9. Access to exclusive business development content resources from our founder, Corey Prator.
  10. Personal login to the private Slack Community where members have access to each other in real time to address urgent and immediate opportunities that show up among local chapters.
  11. Exclusive invitations to attend all-chapter meetings, round tables and retreats when available. (Additional costs may apply.)
  12. Social gathering with your local monthly chapter meeting (members pay for their own meals and beverages).
  13. Meet with fellow Consortium Partner members in monthly one-on-one sessions.

How much does membership cost?

You must be invited by an existing active member who nominates you to attend as a guest. Once you become a member of Consortium Partners, you agree to pay the nominal monthly membership fee of $75. The fee is charged automatically to your credit card on a recurring basis and you can terminate at will. Note, at in-person meetings you are responsible for your own meals and beverages unless otherwise noted.

If I've been invited as a guest to attend a Consortium Partners event, will I be welcome?

Yes! We are a diverse, inclusive, low-key and social group. We share ideas, tell stories and laugh out loud. Having different perspectives is part of what makes us ‘damn interesting’. There is no pitching or pressure. 

What happens during the monthly meeting?

We get together monthly for dinner and beverages to socialize, connect and support each other with our respective businesses. At the end of every local chapter meeting, we set aside time to schedule  one-on-one meetings to get to know each other personally and learn how to better help each other. These one-on-ones often lead to members teaming up together to provide a more comprehensive offer to their clients than on their own.

In the words of one of our members:


“Being a part of Consortium Partners allows you to generate business with people you didn’t think you would, in areas you didn’t think you could.”

What day and time do monthly meetings occur?

Meeting date, time and duration vary by each chapter, but typically they occur on the same day every month and last from 6:00 – 8:30pm. You will receive an invitation every month with your meeting date, time and location. Our meeting schedule is located here.

Will there be other members who do what I do in my local chapter?

We believe in abundance, so yes, you may find industry competitors in the group, but we know there is plenty of business to go around. We often see competitors help and cooperate with each other to a mutual benefit as a result of their Consortium Partners relationship.

If I can’t attend my local chapter event, will I still be charged the monthly membership fee?

Yes, your monthly fee includes all benefits of Consortium Partners, not just the local chapter meetings.

Does Consortium Partners collect referral fees?

No, but we do encourage compensation for referrals which are mutually decided between parties at will. We track and share results among members as a testimony of the value of our organization.

How can I join Consortium Partners?

Membership is currently on an invitation-only basis.

Request an invitation here.