What’s the difference between Customer Support and Customer Success?

Support Success Answers questions. Actively listens how to help. Optimize Internal processes Ensures Customer value. Is an expense to do business. Creates income and customer loyalty Has the last...

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Networking is a pain

You’ve been at those networking meetings where you are the odd one out. It’s uncomfortable, artificial, even inauthentic striking up a conversation where you are the new one in...

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Digital marketing doesn’t work with B2B clients

It’s hard to get people’s attention. Digital marketing is ignored by busy people. The path to earning your client’s attention is to help them. Help frequently over time, and...

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The old ways to create business doesn’t work well as they used to

Cold calling doesn’t work for business-to-business (B2B) sales. Business owners don’t pick up the phone. They don’t have the time, and there are too many robo-dialers. Digital marketing doesn’t...

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What Value does the Consortium bring?

There are a dozen ways the Consortium brings value to its members: Effective Referral-based Business Development Building Relationships A way to get through gatekeepers (a Trojan Horse) Social and...

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Trojan Horse

The Consortium works as a Trojan Horse to very comfortably get you through gatekeepers by offering a gift to a person you want to meet. Here’s how it works....

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What’s our ‘Why’?

We build deep relationships among a damn interesting group of business-savvy people with great stories, creative ideas & events where doing business together is the cherry on top. We’re...

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Why have an interesting one-on-one?

Clients hire professional service company from a referral because a referral conveys the trust needed to be involved in a business’s most valuable asset, information. If you are in...

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6 Tough Questions to gain Business Development Mastery

Six questions to answer to communicate your value to the market.

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