Why have an interesting one-on-one?

Clients hire professional service company from a referral because a referral conveys the trust needed to be involved in a business’s most valuable asset, information.

If you are in the professional services business, new business depends on strong relationships with your trusted referral partners.  Strong relationships take time to develop the trust to know each other well enough to be top of mind. Strong relationships aren’t created by occasionally meeting over coffee. One way to do that is to do interesting activities together.  For example, go for a hike, attend a social event, or do a hobby or sport such as squash, hiking, tennis, flying a drone.

Here’s a list 40+ 1-on-1 ideas curated by me and my referral partners.

  1. Go for a long walk
  2. Attend a social event together
  3. Go on a bike ride
  4. Go to Prison (PEP.org)
  5. Go on a hike
  6. Tango Dancing
  7. Road Trip
  8. Fly Fishing
  9. Share a hobby together (i.e., Music Jam, fly a drone)
  10. Travel together
  11. White Water Rafting
  12. Skiing
  13. Meet for a beer, coffee, lunch, or happy hour
  14. Never Eat Alone
  15. Do a Jazz Crawl (or Blues, or Rock, …)
  16. Go out on a double date to listen to live music
  17. Take them to a networking event
  18. Axe Throwing
  19. Escape Room
  20. Entertain at home, such as a dinner party
  21. Wine tasting event
  22. Help someone with their charity
  23. Golf event
  24. Motorcycle ride
  25. Go to a shooting range
  26. Deep sea fishing
  27. Copartner on an event together
  28. Scotch, wine, or tequila tasting
  29. Movie
  30. iFly
  31. Art exhibit
  32. Comedy club
  33. Drag Race
  34. Go to trade show together
  35. Dog day
  36. Go to the theater together
  37. Go to a professional ball game together
  38. Rodeo BBQ
  39. Trail ride
  40. Bible study
  41. Book club
  42. Beer Crawl
  43. Charity Long Distance Bike Ride
  44. Client Appreciation Event
  45. Folk concert at home

What are some 1-on-1s you have done?

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