The old ways to create business doesn’t work well as they used to

Cold calling doesn’t work for business-to-business (B2B) sales.

Business owners don’t pick up the phone. They don’t have the time, and there are too many robo-dialers.

Digital marketing doesn’t work well either. Busy business owners and executives don’t have the time to be on social media. Email is considered SPAM. These old methods are being blocked by walls to get the attention of your prospective client.

Trust works

The way through this wall is through a referral. However, for a referral to happen you have to build trust with your referrer.  Trust only comes with building a relationship over time.

Networking is a pain

You’ve been at those networking meetings where you are the odd one out.  It’s uncomfortable, artificial, even inauthentic striking up a conversation where you are the new one in the group.

Wrong fit: Wrong Target Market

Most networking groups target the wrong market, consumers (B2C) rather than B2B. I’m talking about groups with that include the realtor, carpet cleaner, yoga instructor, chiropractor, etc. Those referral partners don’t understand your business nor can they connect with your target market, B2B.


Consider the networking group that gets together occasionally over coffee for an hour. It’s hard to get to know someone well enough to refer them after just a coffee.

What makes the Consortium different?

Consortium meetings are interesting. Damn Interesting. They are fun. They are social. And being social we get to know each other. Members will tell you that the environment is very comfortable, and friendly. There is no agenda, no pressure, no pitching, no content just getting to know each other.

But, the real magic happens outside the meeting in 1-on-1s with those interesting members you chose to know better.  That’s where you can get to know someone personally. It’s only when someone gets to know you personally that they can help you, and you them, so you can listen on each other’s behalf.

It’s after you get to know each other well enough to trust each other that you will begin to see opportunities for each other that you didn’t see before to  help each other out.

We are in the Connection business

The Consortium help our members create profound meaningful relationships to know what’s important between us so we can help each other out. Our relationships grow over time and become so personal so we know how we can help others.  These deep connections creates a “top of mind” where we actively listen on each other’s behalf for opportunities.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to build great relationships that build great businesses.

How it works

We create an interesting and comfortable environment to create relationships.  By building great relationships, we build trust among us. With trust, we share ideas and help each other by listening on each other’s behalf for opportunities.

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