Unconventional Thinking · Relationship Based · Business Development

Many business leaders today are seeking an alternative to conventional forms of B2B business development. At Consortium Partners, our approach is to make it fun and easy to find new and better business through trusted, long-lasting relationships that we build together.

Networking Doesn't Have to Be Painful or Uncomfortable

We have a better way and we want to share it with our friends.

The Right People: Our group is exclusive and technology-focused. We choose to spend time together and, because we understand our industry, we can refer business better.
Social by Design: Our meetings are comfortable and fun, where breaking bread together is central to every gathering.
Meaningful Relationships: Our members extract value by holding frequent one-on-one meetings with each other. Developing deeper relationships leads to creativity, new ideas, opportunities and business.

Have you thought about what it could mean for your business to have a group of like-minded business owners and leaders who not only know you well, but choose to collaborate with you and keep you top of mind?

I admit, I went to my first Consortium Partners meeting thinking it would be a bunch of boring nerds and we wouldn’t have anything in common. I came away very surprised. By the end of the evening, we all were in stitches.  I chose to join Consortium Partners to be around creative business owners and leaders who are just plain ‘damn interesting’, not to mention the significant business value I’ve gained since joining.

Jill Mazur, Consortium Partner, Houston Chapter

We’re Different Because We Believe:

Conventional Wisdom about B2B Business Development Doesn’t Work

We don’t spend our time on social media because our customers and clients don’t hang out there. In the B2B world, our customers find us through referrals because they’re looking for someone they can trust.

Building Trust Takes Time

Deep relationships are key to success and longevity in business. We spend time getting to know each other better, to listen on each other’s behalf and team up on opportunities.

Being Damn Interesting Is Serious Business

Our tribe attracts interesting people who do interesting things, which in turn attracts more interesting people. We are diverse. Curious. Social. Members will tell you that the environment is comfortable, friendly and fun.

Abundance Thinking Creates More Opportunities

There is plenty of business for everyone. And while it may seem counterintuitive, we believe joining forces with our competitors almost always leads to new and better business.

Learning is a Lifelong Endeavor

Learning creates breakthroughs. We deliver a variety of resources to help you learn, grow and express your value. We help you explain your business so anyone can understand how you help your clients.

I’ve made thousands of dollars in just over a year through my involvement with Consortium Partners. But that’s not the only reason I enjoy the group. The members are great and the events are fun! I’ve had the opportunity to travel to other chapters and have made high-quality business connections. My recent visit to Seattle was wonderful. It gave me a chance to chat with interesting people, enjoy good meals and tour a vibrant city.

Lissette Wells, Consortium Partner, Denver Chapter